Our Benefits

At Ceridian, employees are invaluable assets, and one of the most important ways Ceridian protects those assets is through an outstanding benefits and rewards program. We provide our employees and their families with programs and services that protect them against financial loss from injury and illness, help them save for future retirement. We offer opportunities for career development, and a work life fit to ensure they achieve and maintain personal and professional success.

Medical, Dental & Vision

Medical coverage includes services such as hospital and physician care, and prescriptions. You have different coverage options (including a health savings account compatible option) to choose from, to help you design the benefits plan that best suits your personal needs. Medical coverage is important. If you or one of your family members needs care, it's reassuring to know you have access to medical coverage that provides protection against the high cost of medical care.

Dental coverage includes routine, major and orthodontic care.

Vision coverage plan provides assistance for routine vision exams, frames, and lenses.

Ceridian 401(k) Plan

Reduce taxable income and save for retirement by contributing to the plan on a before-tax basis, or you can contribute after-tax dollars through Roth contributions. Participation in our 401(k) is via convenient payroll deductions.

The company will match 50% for each dollar you contribute up to six percent of your eligible earnings.

Start contributing to the 401(k) plan immediately upon hire.


Set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for certain health care and dependent day care expenses.

Health Care Flexible Spending Account -- You decide how much to contribute to the health care flexible spending account (within certain guidelines) for costs not already covered by your medical, dental, or vision plan.

Health Savings Accounts -- Contribute on a pre-tax basis to a health savings account and receive a triple tax advantage. Your account is always vested and owned by you, and unused contributions can roll from one year to the next. Participation in a health savings account is only available if paired with a high deductible health plan.

Dependent Day Care Spending Account -- You decide how much to contribute to the dependent day care spending account (within certain guidelines) for dependent day care costs that allows you to work. In most business units, Ceridian provides a 25% match, up to $500 annually.

Disability Income

It is designed to provide you and your family with financial security if you are sick or injured and cannot work for some time.

Short-Term Disability begins on the sixth consecutive day of disability and continues through the sixth month of disability. You'll receive 60% of your covered income, up to an annual maximum as a benefit.

Long-Term Disability (LTD) begins at the end of your STD coverage. Ceridian provides an LTD benefit of 35% of your covered income, up to an annual maximum. You may purchase optional LTD coverage that offers an additional 25% of your covered income, up to an annual maximum.

Life Insurance

Gives you peace of mind, knowing that you've provided for your family if anything happens to you.

Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance provides basic life and AD&D insurance. In addition to this basic coverage, you may purchase optional levels of this insurance.

Dependent Life Insurance -- You may purchase separate life insurance for your spouse or dependent children -- even if you don't elect additional life insurance for yourself.

Business Travel Accident (BTA) Insurance -- When you travel on company business for Ceridian, you are automatically eligible for BTA coverage.

Work-life Fit

Paid Time Off -- Paid time Off is offered through a number of benefits: personal days off (PDO), holidays, funeral leave, jury-witness leave, and military training leave. Ceridian also provides paid time off for volunteer opportunities.

Tuition Reimbursement -- This policy supports employees who wish to develop skills and knowledge that will be of mutual benefit to both the employee and Ceridian by providing tuition reimbursement for qualified eligible tuition-related expenses.

LifeWorks -- A comprehensive 'life issues assistance' program available to employees and eligible family members, which includes an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). LifeWorks offers a confidential counseling, advisory and information service on a wide variety of topics, including addiction and recovery, work issues, parenting and childcare matters, and education and schooling issues.

Adoption Benefit -- If you adopt a child, Ceridian will reimburse you up to $5,000 in eligible expenses per child. Should you adopt twins, you may file for two benefits.

Voluntary Benefit Options -- You can purchase auto, home and other casualty insurance; pet insurance; and legal and banking services. This program offers you special rates and the convenience of payroll deduction.

On-site Services & Activities -- Depending on your location, you may have various on-site services and activities available to you, including: an on-site ATM, dry cleaning service, credit union, discount tickets, and team sports.

Meet Our People

Ravi, Research & Development
Research & Development
Ravi has been with Ceridian for 3 years and has been developing software for 25 years including many years in the Boston area. Ravi is a Team Lead on the Platform team and is passionate about building software "that just works". Ravi holds two patents, two time Microsoft MVP award recipient, and frequent contributor to the open source community. Outside of work Ravi enjoys building freeware apps, playing classic rock on his guitar and piano and photography.
"It's fun to work on hard problems with smart people who are passionate about their craft and freely share their knowledge with others. I love the fact that our engineering managers started out in the trenches by writing code (many still do) and intuitively 'get it'."
Carl, Human Resources
Human Resources
Carl has been an HR business partner at Ceridian for 2 years. HR business partners are aligned with business units to support all of their people-related needs. Carl has more than 20 years of experience in the field of HR. Outside of work Carl has been a commercial helicopter pilot for more than 20 years, is an avid scuba diver, enjoys boating, outdoor activities of all kinds, working with Big Brother / Big Sister and many charitable organizations including Make-A-Wish and Habitat for Humanity.
"I enjoy being able to affect positive change throughout Ceridian, as well working with such a talented and fun group of people."
Lisa, Product Management
Product Management
Lisa has worked for Ceridian for 16 years in various capacities in Product Management and Implementation. She has more than 20 years of experience working with HR, Benefits, and Payroll systems. Outside of work Lisa enjoys interior design, gardening, shopping, snowshoeing, boating and flying. She and her husband even own their own plane!
"Each day I am presented with new challenges that help me stay focused and interested. I love the flexibility I have to balance my work life and home life. I enjoy working with a diverse group of people."
Nina, Customer Support
Customer Support
Nina has been with Ceridian for 3 years and has 5 years of overall career experience in systems support. When she finished her education she thought she wanted to become a Computer Science professor and even started teaching part-time but felt she should try industry first. She ended up really enjoying herself and decided to stay. Nina enjoys the mix of technical and people skills in Customer Support. Outside of work Nina enjoys camping, hiking, triathlon, and travelling. Her favorite country to visit is Thailand.
"For me, liking the people you work with is a big factor, and I'm lucky to have a great set of teammates in Ceridian. We enjoy working together but we are also friends outside of work."
Tami, Implementation
Tami has worked for Ceridian for 4 years spanning two occasions most recently rejoining as a project manager after missing the world of HCM. She has 25 years of IT experience mostly related to HR, Payroll, and Benefits systems. Outside of work Tami enjoys running, cycling, paddle boarding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, drawing, painting, and movies.
"My role as an Implementation Project Manager is great because I get to be an advocate for customers as well as the Ceridian team. The work is fast paced and each project keeps me challenged."
Bryanna, LifeWorks
Bryanna has been part of Ceridian's employee assistance group LifeWorks for 3 years. She started as a triage consultant and moved into a team lead role a year ago. Bryanna has more than 5 years of field and customer service experience in the area of mental health. Outside of the office Bryanna enjoys painting, cooking, travelling and hiking.
"It's a pleasure to work for a company that puts an emphasis on continuous learning. LifeWorks is an environment that facilitates personal growth, professional development and innovative thinking. What drives me to come to work every day? It is knowing I positively impact the lives of others."
Bonnie, Research & Development
Research & Development
Bonnie has been a software developer on the platform team with Ceridian for 3 years. She thinks of herself as a programmer by day and vegan baker by night. She enjoys a full life both at work and outside. Her interests include gaming, cosplay, crochet, snowboarding, cycling, and baking delicious cookies and cake!
"There is tons of challenging development to be done here at Ceridian. It's interesting work with tons of variety. We're creating new things all the time!"
Dave, Sales
Dave has been an Account Executive at Ceridian HCM for over 3 years. Dave works with mid-market clients with the singular goal of making their work life better. Outside of work Dave enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, sports, traveling and spending time on the water.
"It is FUN to work with all my different clients, from a variety of industries, as I strive to be the most consultative partner possible. Once I achieve that relationship, I truly become their trusted advocate in working with them to provide the tools they require to better their organization."
Rachel, Sales
Rachel has been with Ceridian for 15 years, in both New Business Sales and Account Management. Rachel is currently an Enterprise Account Executive and loves working with her customers and building strong and long lasting partnerships with them. Rachel enjoys the strategic conversations with her clients as well as showcasing the superior product suite offered through Dayforce HCM. Outside of work Rachel enjoys running, yoga, reading, traveling and spending time on the beach with her family.
"A great company starts with great people. I am fortunate to work with amazing, generous, team-oriented, smart, talented and fun colleagues here at Ceridian!"
Bonnie, Research & Development Nina, Customer Support Rachel, Sales Bryanna, LifeWorks Dave, Sales
Carl, Human Resources Lisa, Product Management Ravi, Research & Development Tami, Implementation
Ceridian is an equal Opportunity Employer.
We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age,
national origin or disability. EEO/M/F/D/V